About Us

Hello my name is Hector Gavilla, a fellow Realtor. I created Diamond Home Videos because nobody and no company had the product I was looking for. Since 2007, I have been creating video tour webpages without having to do any programming. These really cool video webpages can be accessed from all the popular Real Estate websites. Read on to learn more about how you can win more clients, and increase your sales by offering something different than any of your competitors.

Diamond Home Videos is the solution for any Real Estate Agent who wants to use video to market their homes on popular real estate websites like Trulia, and Zillow.

If you are an agent who is uploading your videos to Youtube and then using that Youtube video to market your homes, we have the perfect solution for you.

Most Real Estate websites give Agents the option to add links to virtual tours of their properties. Some agents will link directly to their Youtube videos. However, there are three problems with that idea.

First, there is no section in Youtube that allows you to add descriptions, maps, floor plans and other information about your listing.

Second, when buyers are done watching the video they are now looking at an array of other videos that have nothing to do with your listing. They may actually forget how they got there in the first place. They might continue watching other videos and never go back to your listing.

Third, you may unknowingly be violating MLS rules regarding virtual tours by exposing buyers to content that you cannot control. This could result in fines for you and your broker.

Diamond Home Videos has the solution! With absolutely no programming experience, you will create video tour webpages for each of your listings. Each video tour webpage you create will have its own unique url address that can be linked from your favorite Real Estate websites.

When buyers click on the virtual tour link that is on your listing, they will be directed to a video tour webpage that includes your Video, MLS#, Property Description, Google Map, and much more. When the video stops playing, the buyers stays on your video tour page. They will not be distracted. They can read more about the listing or replay the Youtube video over and over again. Most importantly, the only information they will see on the webpage you created is information about your listing.

To comply with MLS rules, Diamond Home Videos automatically creates two video tour pages: Branded and Unbranded Video Tours. For the MLS sites you will use the "unbranded" property video tour. For your broker's websites or personal websites, you will use the "branded" video tours.

To keep track of all your video tours, we also give you access to your own personal dashboard where you will see a list of all video tour webpages that you created. Here you can manage your video tours. You have the option to edit the content, change the video, delete video pages of homes already sold.