For highlights of any tax changes for the current tax year please refer to the "What's New" section of the following:Form 1040 Instructions (PDF), the Form 1040A Instructions (PDF), the Form 1040EZ Instructions (PDF), or Publication 17.


Currently on their mobile phone only but very shortly the coupons will be available on our website, Users will then be able to use their desktop or laptop to search by category and/or keywords by location and send them to their phone to use later.


You simply need to create an account online at our website getsavengo. It\'s fast, it\'s easy and it\'s free. Our coupon generator walks you thru the steps you need to do to create a coupon and as you build the coupon it shows you in real-time what the coupon will look like. We allow you to add text, graphics, barcodes, coupon start and stop times, categories and keywords.


When you create a coupon you can define when the coupon starts and when the coupon stops. We allow you to narrow this window down to days and even time within 15 minutes. After the coupon hits the stop time it is considered expired and will no longer be displayed to consumers. The merchant does not need to manually stop a coupon. After you have created a coupon we do allow the merchant to manually terminate a coupon before the expiration date which means it is pulled from the system and will not be shown again. We do ask merchants to continue to accept coupons that were terminated early from people who may have printed them or saved them on the phone.


Yes, during the coupon creation process one of the things that you control is when your coupons are published and when they will expire. It is very easy to select a date range for your coupons to be published and we even allow you to control this time range down to a 15 minute window. This is one of the powerful features of our service because you can have specific windows of time where your coupons are presented to users. This feature allows you to have a huge offer when your store is empty or you have products that will soon have to be tossed. It is a great way to draw in new traffic in slow times and reduce shrink.


In-store offers are where the customer comes to your location such as a restaurant or dry cleaners and an on-site offer would be used by plumbers, roofers, and companies that would come to your house or business to do the work or provide the service. When a merchant sets up an on-site offer they determine the radius in miles that they are willing to come to do the work. When a user searches for that kind of service the merchant will only come up in the search results if they are within that radius


After you have registered it is ok to not create coupons until you figure out what promotions you want to do. We will not shut down an inactive account for 30 days. Remember that the faster you get your coupons in the system the faster you can start getting the benefits.


One of our goals is to make sure that the coupons in the system are legitimate and that fake coupons are not being distributed. We accomplish this by validating the email address.


The verification e-mail has probably gotten stuck in a spam filter somewhere. You may also want to check any \"junk\" mail folders. If you do got receive the e-mail within 10 minutes, e-mail us at with a quick note about what happened and we will most likely be able to validate it manually in our system and get you going in no time at all.